Electro 35

Electro 35 is the epitome of electrified orchestral folk, combing the intricate acoustic guitar work and simple vocal melodies of singer/songwriter John Fellman with the virtuosic talent of Rob DeWidt on 5-string electric violin and sweet, dulcet bass lines by Matthew Carey.

Loose Ends

Loose Ends explores 10 years worth of musical inspiration, combining the songwriting talent of John Fellman with electric stand-up bassist Matthew Carey and Rob DeWidt on 5-string electric violin. The result is best described as “electrified orchestral folk.” Intricate acoustic guitar music is overlaid with beautiful string parts and simple melodies. Guitars were provided by some of the world””s best custom builders, including Charles Hoffman, Lloyd LaPlant, Bill LaPlant, Marshall BrunĂ©, Ron Tracy and Tim Reede. The music touches on classic themes of life, death, relationships and history.

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